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Vortex Tubes are devices that work on a standard compressed air supply. Air enters the vortex tube and is literally split into two parts – cold air at one end, and hot air at the other – without any moving parts. Vortex Tubes have an adjustable valve at the “hot” end which controls the volume of the air flow, and the temperature exiting at the cold end. By adjusting the valve, you control the “cold fraction” which is the percentage of total input compressed air that exits the cold end of the Vortex Tube. Our Vortex Tubes may also be supplied with a fixed preset “cold fraction” instead of an adjustable valve.


No moving parts
Driven by air without any electricity
Small and lightweight – portable
Low in cost compared to most others
Superior design and performance
Maintenance free operation
Adjustable temperature range[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]