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Venturing into myriad of fields such as design, manufacturing, production, supervision, counseling and reverse engineering of different components and other advanced industrial and mineral activities, MAPSAM knowledge-based company is among newly found companies in Iran with a thirst for practical projects. With a great deal of effort on part of elite and top graduates’ engineers in various fields, the company has triumphed considerably, with major success in the fields thereof and experiences in the field of designing and manufacturing of advanced products in accordance with modern world, state-of-the-art standards. The company was established in 2017 with the prime objective of equipping, manufacturing and promoting the level of access of the country’s industry and trade in specialized goods and services in the fields therefrom.

Reverse engineering, classified among principal approaches to expediting various processes and phases of product design and development, is considered one of the focal points in the undertakings taken by this company. This approach proves particularly helpful in developing countries, where the knowledge and skills apropos of product design and production technology is lacking, and can act as an apparatus for extending design capacity and accelerating the process of development.

The company currently operates in the following three areas:

  • Heavy machinery parts and equipment
  • Measuring systems and precision instruments
  • Mineral equipment


The company’s products in the field of industry and mining are listed as below:

  • Hydraulic Power Brake Valve systems technologies for dump trucks (in accordance with Carlisle Technology)
  • Design and manufacturing of electric dump truck refueling systems (in accordance with Japanese Komatsu technology)
  • Design and construction of control systems for furnace burners in pelletizing plants (in accordance with Hanns Hennig technology currently used in Germany)
  • Design and manufacturing of laser level transmitters (in accordance with ABB technology)

MAPSAM also succeeded in attaining first place in the National Iranian Steel Award in localization and technology development, and was honored as the top supplier of the steel industry at the National Iranian Steel Festival in 2020.


تامین کننده برتر صنعت فولاد در جشنواره ملی فولاد ایران سال ۹۸


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