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Ability to provide technical knowledge of design, manufacture and production of versions of this type of sensor in knowledge-based Mapsam Company with high accuracy as well as various measurement intervals. In a mining truck refueling system, the amount of fuel valve opening to the engine is measured by an electromagnetic sensor. The sensor is mounted on the fifth-generation Komatsu 100-ton dump truck combustion pump. The amount of mechanical displacement is sent to the engine controller in the form of an electrical analog signal. The contactless sensor can measure this displacement with high accuracy, precision and speed. The sensor converts it into an analog signal, and then transmits it to the central controller. In this way, the fuel control cycle is completed by the fuel sensor and pump. The accuracy of measurement is very important in different environmental conditions and has a significant role in the optimal operation of the engine, reducing fuel consumption, reducing maintenance costs, reducing environmental pollution, increasing productivity and so on.


Direct analog output
Single magnet position measurement
High precision
(High protection class (up to IP68
Resistant against environmental influences
Long service life
Easy to use